“The Urban Rhetoric” is a bi-annual initiative by Innovature Research and Design Studio [IRDS] to create a platform for discussion and act as a catalyst in recreating the future of urbanism and urban development in India. We aim to do so with the help of an academic magazine with essays that inspire the agenda for future urbanism.


Issue 4-September 2021
Place . People . Relationships

Place People Relationships is a narrative that assembles a multidimensional connection between the built environment and its users, hence interconnecting spatial and social studies through articles that have been developed based on opinions, research explorations and design strategies. This issue tries to answer the vital, human centric – urban design question which has been asked and answered several times, yet remains unsolved – “What is the impact of Spatial order on Human behaviour and interpersonal relationships?”



Issue1 -March 2020
Future of Urbanism
Issue2 -September 2020
The Urban People
Issue3 -March 2021
Spatial Chronicles