About us

A city is not just defined by the planners and architects that build it, but also by the users that occupy it.
‘The Urban Rhetoric’ strives to make these parallels meet by reinforcing the interactions between decision-makers and users.
Crusading towards the agenda for future urbanism we aim to provide a platform for dialogue and discussions on growth and development in Indian cities.

Space forms the dynamic background that hosts all human activities and interactions, and “Urban Space” is not just responsible for individual actions but for community life as well.

“The Urban Rhetoric” is driven with an aim to provoke an interdisciplinary dialogue and encourage healthy discussions about the urban spaces, systems, people who occupy them, and the culture of society, economics, design and politics that shapes them.

Your views, opinions as well as research can contribute to a more significant movement that could impact the future of urbanism drastically.


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Our team

Vaidehi Raipat

An Urban Designer, Researcher and an Architect is the Founder and Principal of Innovature
Research and Design Studio [IRDS], Bangalore. She has worked with distinguished firms and institutions before she founded IRDS in 2017. Along with being a passionate architect, her
interests in the field of Temporal, Social and Cultural research also drive the agenda of IRDS.
She has written, presented and published many papers in National as well as International Journals. She as a writing and research enthusiast has also published a few articles in newspapers/magazines of National Repute.

Maria Akhtar
Co-founder, Editor

Maria Aktar is an Architect, Academician, Researcher and passionate Artist. She has completed her B-Arch from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur in 2014 and M-Arch in Architecture education from Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture,
Nagpur in 2017. Currently she is working as a Research Consultant at Innovature Research and Design Studio (IRDS), Bangalore. Her research interest lies in the study of meaning of form in historic
buildings, oral history and man-environment interaction. She has presented papers at various national and international conferences.

Charu Khowala

Charu is an electrical engineer by undergraduate training and holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business. She has worked as a management con- sultant and lead several governance transformation programs, working closely with State Level Legislatures and Executives. She has a deep passion for writing, and has been an editor with all her school, college and work place publications. It is this interest that draws her to The Urban Rhetoric team.

Bharat Singh
UX Designer, Editor

Bharat  is a research enthusiast who is currently pursuing research in Artificial Intelligence. He is a freelance developer by profession and is involved as a mentor and an educator for programming, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. One of the many organizations for which he contributes as a mentor is “Nexiot”, Bangalore. A reading enthusiast well-read across many genres, Bharat believes that the future of urbanism can be made smarter with the appropriate use of I.o.T and AI.

Ahefaz Panjwani
Graphic Designer

Ahefaz Panjwani is founding partner at Chaudhari Panjwani Building Workshop, an architecture firm based in Mumbai and Nagpur with a focus on Sustainable design and Community development. He was also a visiting faculty and currently an Adjunct assistant Professor at VNIT, Nagpur. He is a Graduate of VNIT, Nagpur. Post his graduation he has gone to work with Studio Symbiosis Architects as a lead Project Architect. He has been involved in a number of prestigious award winning projects. He later went on to do his Post graduation at University of Liechtenstein. He worked on various projects and scales at places such as Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Norway, Italy and Austria to name few. He got scholarship from Erasmus+ to study Urban Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. He also received scholarship for summer workshop “Society in Motion” held in Bergen, Norway in 2017 and Vienna, Austria in 2018.

Dr. Priya Choudhary

Priya Choudhary is an architect planner and is presently working as Professor at Smt. Manoramabai Mundle College of Architecture, Nagpur. She accomplished Ph.D. from Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur under the guidance of Dr. V.S. Adane in 2014.  During doctoral research, she was awarded Fulbright Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research Fellowship and  had been to University of California, Berkeley in 2011.She is the recipient of (Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture) MASA best teacher award 2012 for Humanities in architecture i.e. Architecture Theory.

Her doctoral thesis is on ‘A Cognitive Approach to Spatial Modeling of Built Environments in India’ is published as a book titled, ‘Humane Aspects of Urban Planning’ in 2015. A Chapter authored by her, ‘Vernacular Built Environments in India: An Indigenous Approach for resilience’ is published in the book, ‘Urban Disasters and Resilience in Asia’ Ed. By Rajib Shaw, Atta-ur-Rahman, Akhilesh Surjan and Ara Parvin by Elsevier in 2016.She has a vast experience in field and has worked on many architectural design and planning of Institutional, residential, commercial projects in and around Nagpur in last 20 years.

Dr. Bharati Singh Raipat

Dr. Bharti Singh Raipat is the Head of Department of Zoology at St. Xavier’s College (Ranchi). With over 30 years of professional experience, she has a deep knowledge in the field of environmental research and has supervised numerous Ph.D. works, dissertations and projects on environmental problems as well as their solutions. She is actively associated with a number of organizations working in this field. She is one of the founder members and a fellow of National Environmentalist Association that organizes annual national/ international conferences on environment related issues. The Association also releases two international journals ‘The Ecosan’ & ‘The Bioscan’. She is also a member of the Biodiversity Board of Jharkhand and the Editorial Board of Envis News, Jharkhand. She regularly organizes campaigns, rallies, plantation drives, quizzes, cleanliness drives, awareness camps and city environmental surveys with her students. She is passionate about working at the grassroots level for the betterment of the environment, presently a major global concern.