A Voluntary Prison

Vaidehi Raipat, an Urban Designer, Researcher and an Architect is the Founder and Principal of Innovature Research and Design Studio [IRDS], Bangalore. She has worked with distinguished firms and institutions before she founded IRDS in 2017. Along with being a passionate architect, her interests in the field of Temporal, Social and cultural research also drive the agenda of IRDS. She has written, presented and published many papers in National as well as International Journals. She as a writing and research enthusiast has also published a few articles in newspapers/ magazines of National Repute

This Prose was inspired by an essay by Sam Jacob, entitled “Machines
of Loving Grace”. Here the author talks about the endangered humanity
in the human settlements because of the overtaking technological
innovations. He calls this “The robotic menagere” that could be a not
so futuristic view of our cities. Elaborating on a visualization of the
networked battlefields of Afghanistan, manned by satellites, drones,
helicopters, aerotates and planes.


A Dream,
of a smart city.
Constantly connected,
bundled into Codes.
A robotic future,
not so far away.
Manned by satellites and drones,
the networked land.
Continuously scrutinized,
This is smart urbanism.
A time when surveillance was meant for war land and prisons,
is now the dream for a futuristic(not so much)city.
Embedded with intelligent robots,
gathering data of how the city unfolds.
Algorithms read,
as cities breathe.
A choreographed governance,
hopes of positive development.
Easing lives,
and automated lifestyles.

A smart dream,
where robots labour.
But the labour watches,
with model idealistic intelligence.
With scrutinizing eyes,
and a doubtful vision.
Burying the democracy of space,
as the mechanical future unfolds.
The dislocated hopes of freedom,
promises a regulated lifestyle,
promises of autonomy through technology,
an intelligent network that is everywhere, and a bot that is
A panopticon of this digital life,
will we “The humans of earth” thus stand liberated.

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