Inspiring Urban Perspectives

Issue 6

March 2023

Changing relationships with water

Huzefah Haroon is an architect and an educator. She started her independent practice by the name of Anomaly Lab in 2021, with the vision to balance research, experimentation, and design, to create meaningful experiences. She is currently exploring possibilities of interdisciplinarity within architecture and how her practice can create more hybrid ways to think and solve design problems. Her interest in design thinking and conversations led her to become a part of Design United – India in 2020, which further inculcated the interest to actively be involved within the academia. Huzefah has been a faculty at the University of Karachi where she co-taught second year design studio to architecture students, and is currently teaching at her alma mater Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

Rising Sea Level is one of the direct impacts of Climate Change, the coastal city Karachi in Pakistan faces. This is an investigation into ways interventions can be designed and implemented adhering to the approach of adaptation.

Rather than separation of nature from the urban environment, this prototype looks into embracing the change in water levels. In 2019, Karachi faced flooding due to heavy monsoon rains, which interrupted accessibility for an area called Neher-e-Khayyam. This area comprises of two parallel streets separated by a kilometre long water channel. This channel, initially carried clean water, but is currently contaminated by sewage discharge. This study is a look into revitalising the channel for public use. Making it a fundamental part of the urban environment, the landscape, and housing typology have been proposed as a flexible plug-in prototype adapting to both temporary and permanent flooding as time progresses.

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