Cinemas, Transformative Public Spaces and Parallel Reality

Jaidev is a fresh architecture graduate and artist based in Gurgaon. His body of work involves the depiction of spaces, places, perspectives, and human behavior through narratives, all within the urban context. He defines himself as grey, also viewing the world and his position within it through the same lens-one with layers of profound nuances.

My architecture thesis, titled ‘Look the Door is Open’ (Sushant School of Art and Architecture, 2021), involves looking at cinemas as potentially transformative public spaces, where spatial order plays a role in allowing people to depart from their everyday urban lifestyles. The idea was to morph the typical and standardized entry, and the box office area into a redefined spatial experience, allowing a shift in public behavior. This illustration is a view of the redesigned box office. As one enters the space, one feels as if stepping into a different world; a parallel reality. The vibrant materials, structural frames, open spaces, and film posters together characterise the Indian cinemas as public spaces thriving with excitement and anticipation of entering newer narratives.

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