Reviving Koliwada

Swapnil Chaudhari is currently partner at Chaudhari Panjwani Building Workshop, a new generation design firm engaging in practice of architecture, urban design, landscape and interior with offices in Mumbai and Nagpur. He graduated from VNIT, Nagpur and went on to work with award winning architect SP+A in Mumbai. He worked on residential and commercial projects. He developed a keen interest in using computational methods for development of environmentally sustainable design. To reinforce his interest he later went on to work with DADA Partners, Gurgaon. There he provided his expertise on residential township master plan, farmhouses, private residence along with interior. He went on to do his postgraduation at Manchester School of Architecture, UK specializing in Spatial Agency.

The following project was part of Master thesis conducted at Manchester School of Architecture.

The architecture in the Worli koliwada urban village changed as per the needs of the community. However, the change resulted into poor living conditions. The residents protested
against the proposal of the government to redevelop and showed interest in developing the area in group.

The vision of the master plan is to improve their quality of life by intensifying the use of shared space. Providing communal areas around the residential unit creating a communal spine throughout is the main land use strategy used. Shared living is the essential part of the residents where their private life is extended towards the public areas due to lack of space. Existing scenarios exhibits that these activities that increases the community ties are lacking due to dense figure ground relationship of the area. Shared living can release the pressure from the built to open space ratio leaving more open communal areas where activities like celebrating festivals, performing fishing rituals, working in fish allied activities like maintaining the fishing net are performed. The master plan will be a catalyst in not only improving the living conditions but also for strengthening the local economy, where the community can grow and cope up with the fast-growing city.


Existing Situation                                                                                                    Proposed Common Space 


Existing Situation                                                                                                        Proposed Common Space


Existing Situation                                                                                                        Proposed Common Space


Street view                                                                                                                   Street view


  Street Elevation                                                                                                            Street View
* All the sketches are sketched by Author – Swapnil Chaudhari     

Temple and Street Relation
* All the sketches are sketched by Author – Swapnil Chaudhari58

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